The Company

Reliability, Diachronicity, Modern Design ...

Company AMANATIADIS was founded in 1978 and activates itself in the trade of tiles, types of hygiene and modern structural materials. Her course until is today continued ascendant and successful possessing pioneering place in the space of decoration and specialised manufactures. The well-aimed choices of products that are presented in showroom and the leading collaborations with valorisen houses of abroad, made our company pass fast outside from the limits of region and travel also in the other cities of Greece.
Constructional companies, hotels, commercial shops, shops of focus, coffee, offices, private residences have entrusted and they continue entrusting our company.
The store in Halkidiki operates and develops on two floors where you have the opportunity to learn about the new trends of modern design, the materials that exist in the world markets and at the same time to find the solutions and the aesthetic suggestions concerning your own space. Our collaboration with prominent architects and interior designers has prompted us to create a new showroom , purely architectural, in Thessaloniki, for the purpose of displaying very special design materials, satisfying even the most demanding projects.
The products of our company distinguish for their unique style, the tastefulness, the luxury that they exude always and with the signature of authority worldwide valorisen Italian and Spanish houses. Company AMANATIADIS in the frames of frequent visits in reports per the world and with the ceaseless briefing regarding the modern architecture, allocates a very big range from products for the all spaces of house and with “strong arm” completely imposing showroom, can cover the all wishes of her customers.
Aim our to propose in the customers, solutions that are harmonised in their needs and simultaneously express without they be carried away in extremities, the most modern designing opinions.
We are always in your disposal for your direct and responsible service.